Traveling to the Trevi Fountain Essay

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Many places have something different and unique about them. Every place you visit you remember something that stood out against everything else. There is always a smell that can be associated with a particular place. The things a person hears can be different but sometimes they can seem familiar to a person. The food that is tasted can be a unique experience to a person. So, therefore I will now go in to detail about an experience in Italy. The Trevi Fountain is an extraordinary site to see. The fountain is built in marble coming out of the side of a building. There are five figures included in the fountain. The first one stands off to the right of the fountain, while looking towards the center of the fountain. The second figure…show more content…
Finally, there are three small waterfalls one on top of the other flowing down into a large bottom base. This is just about everything you can see in the Trevi fountain. Smells are everywhere a person goes in the world. While at the Trevi fountain one smell is that of chlorine. The closer a person walks to the fountain the stronger that smell gets. There are others though like the ones from the restaurant above. A person can smell pizza, different pastas, and the wine that most Italians drink with meals. Every person can smell different things, but these are the most common in the area. Every place you go you always hear something. Around the Trevi Fountain a person can hear the sounds of cars and buses driving by on the near by streets of Rome. When you listen to those around you a person may notice that no everyone is speaking the same language. Some of the languages can hear are Italian, French, Spanish, English, and German. When a person is up close to the fountain they can hear the sound of splashing water from the waterfalls in the fountain and the coins being tossed into the fountain from tourist hoping to return to Rome one day. Every place has sounds that you remember and these are the ones that people remember after they have visited The Trevi Fountain. All countries have food that is associated with there nationality and Italy is no

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