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Travelodge UK


Travelodge UK
Travelodge Hotels Limited
Type Industry Founded Headquarters Private limited company Hospitality 1985 Thame, England, UK

Number of locations 456 hotels in UK[1] [1] 11 hotels in Ireland [2] 3 hotels in Spain Area served United Kingdom Republic of Ireland Spain Keith Hamill (Chairman) Grant Hearn(CEO) Hotels £331.7m (2010) [1]

Key people

Products Revenue Operating income

[1] £153.5m (EBITDAR) [1] £48.5m (EBITDA) (2010) £27.0m (2010) [1] [1] [3]

Profit Total assets Owner(s) Employees Parent Website

£888.4m (net) (2010)

Goldentree Asset Management, Avenue Capital Group and Goldman Sachs 6,000 (full and part-time) (2011) [1] [1]

Endell Group Holdings Ltd (ultimate parent company)
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The refurbishment programme will commence in early 2013 and continue through to summer 2014 • Bank debt of £235m will be written off and £71m repaid, reducing total bank debt from £635m to £329m.

Travelodge UK However, Travelodge also stated that it was no longer viable to operate 49 hotels (8% of the estate), for which the company would now seek new operators.


A new room design has been introduced in new buildings, and newly refurbished hotels; featuring a new colour scheme and LCD TVs. In most hotels, there are double rooms, family rooms and disabled rooms. All rooms feature en-suite bathroom, free tea & coffee. A charged for wi-fi internet connection is available at all hotels.[13]

Eating and drinking facilities vary at locations a great deal. Some of the older roadside locations have nothing but the hotel itself and a A Travelodge at Leeds Bradford International Airport. petrol station, with no particular provision for meals. Some are located beside a Little Chef, although this is becoming less common (Little Chef and Travelodge were previously owned by the same company). Many hotel sites are also located next door to a Harvester or Toby Carvery restaurant. Many Moto service stations have a Travelodge attached, and some hotels may be close to a pub or family restaurant. In town and city centre locations, licensed 'Bar Cafes' within the hotel are common, serving both breakfast and
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