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The Travels of Dean Mahomet is essentially a two part book, with the first part written by Dean Mahomet himself, and provides an autobiographical journal of his travels through India in the eighteenth century. This period was a time during which Europeans were colonizing India and Mahomet’s letters provided a unique account of Indian people and their customs during the initial expansion of the British Empire into India. The story of Dean Mahomet’s travels is told using numerous letters he wrote to a “friend” of his. His account is unique in that it provides a description from the point of view of an Indian working for the English’s colonial regime. Mr. Mahomet’s letters, dating
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52-4). With this statement, he goes even further and warns against discrimination based on cultural and religious differences.

“The Travels of Dean Mahomet” depicts Dean Mahomet as a man of the world, constantly traveling and experiencing and learning new things. His entire life exemplifies tolerance and adaptability. Both his heritage and his life acquaintances contribute to his loyalties and shape who he is, based upon to these two very separate countries and cultures.
He travels to most of the villages along the Ganges River, stopping at places like Calcutta, Panta, Ramgar as well as many others. In his letter, he goes into great detail describing the practices, clothing lifestyles, religions and other details of the lives of people he encounters. Clearly, one reason Mahomet may be describing these details is to entice his British readers, to heighten their interest of this foreign, mysterious place. But Mahomet’s description also highlights how he sees the differences and nuances between each culture. Does he view these differences as an insider or an outsider? Mahomet’s position actually helped him to serve as a bridge between the two cultures, and allowed him to use his multi-culturalism to form a new cultural class.
Mr. Mahomet’s experiences in England and Ireland provide a unique

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