Travesti Sex Workers in Brazil

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Travesti Sex Workers in Brazil
Travestility in Brazil has been used to refer to the disparateness of travestis’ identities. On the other hand, travesti is an emic idea widely used in Latin America and Brazil. Scholars argue that trying to explain who travestis are can seem paradoxical, especially when travesti identities are talked about as heterogenous, plural and multiple.
Travestis are individuals who change their physical appearance to make it look like a woman’s body. Travestis dress and live their daily life as people belonging to the female gender group, without the desire to undergo reconstructive surgery of removing the penis and constructing a vagina. Their practices,
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Perhaps it would have been a different situation, if they were actually women who are acting and thinking like men. According to travesties, being of the primary gender (biologically male), thinking and behaving like women is unacceptable because it downgrades one’s gender status. On the contrary, being biologically female, behaving and thinking like men is upgrading and heroic. In this sense, being like a girl has been a challenge since childhood for travestis. They always feared that people would find out and shame them in the society. While peculiarly following their unimpressive path in the society, of desiring women and experiencing sex, travesti subjectivity is generated out of their apprehensive relationships with their untrustworthy boyfriends. Within this subjectivity, travestis’ efforts to show themselves within the normal boundaries of the Brazilian society strengthen the gender binary. In their relations with their boyfriends, they act like nothing else other than females. Similarly, in their profession, they play the role of a female or male depending on the demands of the situation by swapping between the binary gender roles. Travesti subjectivity comes into the limelight with normative gender binary
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