Trayvon Martin's Murder Still Remembered

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Even after two years passing, Trayvon Martin’s murder still escalates throughout the world. Trayvon Martin was shot and killed February 26, 2012 by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was the neighborhood-watch and said he thought Trayvon looked suspicious as he returned home from the store. He called the police to report his findings but disobeyed protocol given by the dispatcher. Zimmerman was told to wait for police to arrive and not to pursue Martin. The actions of Zimmerman and Martin remain unknown after ending the call. Police arrived to the scene of Trayvon Martin shot and killed with a bullet wound to the chest. In Zimmerman’s trial he was found not guilty to the murder of this innocent seventeen year old boy, Trayvon Martin. He claimed he reacted in self defense. George Zimmerman did not deserve a ‘not guilty’ sentence because of his assumptions without proof, poor judgment, and stand your ground law. Zimmerman reported that he took action because when following protocol given by his prior call to 911, the suspect got a way. In contrast, Zimmerman disobeyed the directions given by the police on this night and pursued a teen, Trayvon Martin, that in his opinion looked suspicious but was only returning home from the store with skittles and tea. In his call to 911 he stated “We’ve had some break-ins in the neighborhood and there’s a real suspicious guy”. These break-ins began June 2011. Zimmerman took it upon himself to approach Martin in assumption that he had partaken in

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