Treadmill of Conception

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The "treadmill of consumption" refers to the consumption of material goods in which people think they will become happier just by acquiring more material goods. People over consume and are never satisfied with what they already have but rather aim for more and bigger things. Under the treadmill of consumption people become very competitive as well as greedy and have the need to over consume in order to feel happier or more gratified. Studies have shown just the opposite that by over consuming does not lead to happiness but rather to the contrary. As people accrue more and more material goods they usually do not become happy or content but rather raise the ladder for more consumption. One day they will realize that all their means have…show more content…
We feel that we need to push ourselves to our higher limits by over consuming in student debt loan or any other type of debt just to obtain a higher status of education or to be socially accepted by others. This can have an emotional and psychological effect on a person because of the high demands that we place on ourselves for trying to raise our reference point in order to gain happiness and life satisfaction. People are always looking to be in that higher pay bracket and they become needy by the more they are given. Students go back to school as I did because after searching for the type I job I wanted, I came to realize that a higher education was critical and I would not have any chance without at least a bachelors degree. Many students go even further to Grad school or for their PHD because they feel that a bachelor’s degree will not drive them to the ultimate paying job or the social status they strive to gain for themselves, as I am considering for myself as well. As a human race we over consume and drive ourselves deeper into debt because we feel this will help to reach the level of self-fulfillment and our actualization and at the same time to gain happiness. In conclusion people over consume more than they need and more than they want. People relate to the more money, goods, better education or higher paying career they
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