Treadway Tire Company Summary

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To fix the high turnover issues at the Treadway Tire Company Lima plant starts with fixing the problem not symptoms of the problem. The organizational culture and leadership behaviors toward group and people management is the problem at the Treadway Tire Company. Changing the organization culture requires the leaders at all levels to change their behaviors.
The recruiting and development process should be a top priority for Ashley Wall. In the short term, Ms. Wall should focus on recruiting internal applicants to improve productivity. Internal applicants have less turnover then external applicants. In the long term, Ms. Wall should ensure that the skills that are utilize to evaluate future foremen are directly related to the job. For example, great communication and interpersonal skills should be important skills that are considered during the recruiting process. By making these simple changes, the team communication processes should improve. Furthermore, new foremen should feel better equipped to handle their jobs.
The short-term development or trainings process for foremen should include a mentorship program with supervisors and managers. This process would help ensure that new foremen feel supported and that they are not left to “sink or swim”. The long-term training process should include technical as
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The performance evaluation process should support the organizational goals. For instance, the new culture focuses should be on training and development. This should be a major component in the performance evaluation process. Moreover, the performance evaluation process should support career advancement and the employees should clearly understand the link. By instituting these changes, promotion and supervisor satisfaction should improve. These improvements should contribute to positive improvements in overall job satisfaction, which should improve organizational
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