Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson

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Name: Yuri Yi______________________ Period: 1_______________________ Title: Treasure Island Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Setting: (Where) Near Bristol, England and “Treasure Island” (When) During the 18th Century Protagonist(s): Jim Hawkins Antagonist(s): Long John Silver and his crew Describe the relationship between the Protagonist and Antagonist: Jim and Long John Silver are practical enemies as they try to retrieve the treasure on the island and claim it as theirs. Billy Bones, when he was alive, told Jim to be on the lookout for a one-legged pirate. This, in my opinion, would’ve made Long John Silver be percepted as a bad person in Jim’s perspective. Yet, Long John Silver is very kind Towards Jim and genuinely fond of him. Silver says he Jim reminds him of his younger self and is fond of Jim and shows his likeness. Give a DETAILED story summary: (Please attach 1 additional pg.) This books story begins as a boy named Jim Hawkins is urged to record his story about Treasure Island. He is urged by Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney, and other gentlemen. Jim starts his recording of his story, by first telling of the island’s exact location and the location of the treasure that is buried on that island. Jim then recounts of the time of meeting with a seaman at the Admiral Benbow, the inn his father owns. The seaman had walked into the Admiral Benbow,
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