Treasure Island Gambling Research Paper

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Right outside of the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas, Nevada a group of friends Ice, Stella, Jim, Ace, Count, Angle. The head of the group Ice a grad student who was thrown out of Harvard for scamming fellow students started this group to get easy money. They have been scamming stores and gas stations for about 2 years now, but it was time for something bigger they were all very smart and from various places. They had to learn how to count cards for this heist they have been studying for about 6 months now and they all seemed very ready. While they enter the casino everyone gives them a weird look because ice looks like a famous rapper everyone thinks he is rick ross. After about 45 min of easy money, they start noticing…show more content…
Soon the lights kicked on and I could see all of my friends in this room we all looked very scared. Then came a really Erie voice over the intercom it said to us “you think you can steal from me” we all were very worried on what was gonna happen. The voice then went on to say we were going to have to pay for what we did and something dropped in the middle of the room. We couldn’t really see what it was but it looked like a book. Than Ace was released, he proceeded to walk towards Ice to try and help when suddenly he dropped. The voice Then said “Oh no this isn’t gonna work, I have placed chips inside all of you if you decide to do anything stupid you will have 5000 volts soaring through your body like that just read the book”. The book had notes on different levels of pain and what you could do to harm yourself without dying than suddenly a light burst on at the end of the room it resembled a loading bar with a timer of 24 hours but it wasn’t even at 1 percent and the timer had started. The voice came back on and proceeded to tell them they would have to cause each other horrific harm for the bar to go up, but if one of them were to die than the bar would reset if the bar was not filled in 24 hours than the chips would be activated till everyone died. Than everyone was released and a box full of items was dropped in the middle. Than everyone was released. The voice then said “have
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