Treasures of Geocaching

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Tracy and I sat down to prepare for our outing with my sister-in-law Shelly and her husband James, who were visiting from Kansas City. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about the thought of treasure hunting. James informed me that all we needed was a free membership with the website, and a hand held GPS unit or a GPS enabled smart phone. We then created an account and decided on a profile name. We were now ready to see what this treasure hunt was all about. We soon discovered it was a technology-driven game of hide and seek using global positioning satellites. Members are able to hide caches and log their coordinates for others to find. These hidden caches contain a log sheet for you to sign your profile name. Some …show more content…
I narrowed my search down by the postal code 86301, and the number dropped substantially to one thousand seven hundred and sixty-one. Still, an overwhelming number I thought as I clicked on the map feature. This was definitely a plus as it was integrated with Google Maps. I used the map to zoom into the area of Watson Lake until I had about a dozen or so caches showing. Each type of cache is identified with an icon legend. Clicking on an individual icon gave me the name of the cache, a difficulty and terrain rating, and who originally hid the cache and when. I knew that the Watson Dam and Flume Trails would give us great views of the Granite Dells, and this is where I concentrated my search. To my amazement, there were three caches hidden on this one and a half-mile trail. By going to each cache's individual page I could print the name, coordinates and hints that were created by the person who originally hid it. Next thing we needed was to download and install the free app to my smart phone as I had opted not to buy a hand held GPS unit. In my growing excitement while learning about this high tech game of hide and seek, I hadn't realized that I had spent three hours researching it. To say that I was intrigued would be an understatement. Not only were we going to be outdoors enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Granite Dells, but we also had a mission to find three hidden caches. The next morning I added a few more items to my normal
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