Treating Arthritis

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Arthritis is the general term for the group of conditions that damage the joints and result in pain and stiffness in one or more of the body's joints. The most common forms are Osteoarthritis (brittle cartilage), Rheumatoid Arthritis (where the body's immune system attacks the joints), Gout (Created by a build-up of Uric Acid) and Ankylosing Spondylitis (Pain and stiffness in the lower part of the spine). There are many methods for treating arthritis which may include Exercise Physiology, Phisiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractics, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Exercise and Medication. A growing number of Arthritis sufferers are turning to 'natural' vitamin supplements as a preferred treatment method. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Omega-3 Fish Oil all have substantial evidence to show their benefit in the treatment of Arthritis. MSM, Curcumin and Ginger also have minimal substantiated evidence.…show more content…
At a dosage of 1200mg per day, it is said to help cartilage absorb nutrients and water into the cartilage to improve its shock absorption ability and prevent it from cracking or chipping. Fish and cod liver oil contains Omega-3s which are said to improve joint mobility and pain at a dosage of 450mg of fish oil per day. Research suggests that at 1500mg of MSM a day, this natural source of sulphur may have anti-inflammatory effects. Curcumin (found in the Turmeric herb) is said to have significant anti-inflammatory effects when 6g of the Turmeric herb is taken per day over a course of three months. Concentrated ginger extract has been shown by one study to reduce knee pain in arthritis sufferers. Rosehip extract is also suggested to help reduce pain and stiffness in sufferers of Arthritis. Whilst all of these nutrients and vitamins are said to have benefits for Arthritis sufferers, you should not under any circumstances substitute qualified medical advice with information found in this
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