Treating Hiv : A Life Destroying Disease

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What To Know About Treating HIV

HIV has been a life destroying disease since the early 1980s. Originally discovered in gay men, it was once thought to only effect homosexuals. Thankfully to great efforts on research and outbreaks in hemophiliacs, it is now associated with other social groups outside of the gay community. The risks of contracting this disease are still high among gay men, highly sexually active individuals (hetero-, homo-, and bi- sexual), intravenous drug users, and health care professionals. By understanding the biological make up of the disease researchers have been able to come up with many options to treating the disease, its progression into AIDs, and other infections that can occur due to suppression of an individuals immune system.

Determing Treatment When caught in the early stages of contraction there are different drugs that can be given to HIV positive patients to keep them in good health, the World Health Organization is the main determiner on guidelines for when to begin treatment. Some health care professionals specializing in HIV therapy believe that upon diagnosis of HIV a patient should immediately begin treatment, Tejal Gandhi at the University of Michigan hospital is one of those health professionals. However, listed in their 2013 treaatment guidelines, treatment is not urged by the WHO until the CD4 cell count drops below 500 cells/mm^3 of blood. With that being said, the CD4 cell count is the main…

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