Treating Trauma As The Root Of Addiction

854 WordsMar 11, 20164 Pages - treating trauma as the root of addiction Everyone has suffered from incidents in their lives that may be considered traumatic. These incidents are a necessary part of life: they help teach us important emotional lessons that can make us stronger and more successful people. Unfortunately trauma often exists at the root of an alcohol or drug addiction. Thankfully it 's possible to treat this problem and return you to a happy and successful life that is free of addiction. Understanding Trauma Trauma is easy to understand but it can feel hard to manage. According to the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration, trauma is a situation that “causes physical or emotional harm from which you cannot remove yourself.” Symptoms of trauma (include flashbacks to the event, being easily startled, new scary concepts, crying, mood swings, and more. These symptoms are often part of what is called “post-traumatic stress disorder.” This condition (formerly called shell shock) is the emotional aftermath of suffering through a traumatic situation. Problems Caused By Trauma And Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder create a sense of physical and mental imbalance that can throw a person 's life off-balance. Typical emotional and even physical problem of these conditions include: Depression Anxiety Paranoia Physical pain Difficulty sleeping Nightmares Self-harming impulses Neglect Addictive behaviors The causes of
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