Treatment For Adult Male Sex Offenders

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Arianna Heard Althea Gross Marquez McClinton Alabama A&M University Social Work Applied Research I Treatment for Adult Male Sex Offenders October 27, 2014 Dr. Chacha Abstract Introduction The reason for this study is to explain the different types of treatment for adult male sex offenders. The reason for conducting this research is the interest in getting these offenders effective treatment. Literature Review History of Sex Offender Treatment Until the mid-1980s the treatment of sex offenders was conducted primarily in civil commitment programs in a few state hospitals, prisons, and outpatient clinics scattered around the country. Sex offenders were often treated using a variety of psychodynamic and client-centered techniques. A major shift in the field came in 1983 with the publication of an article that presented for the first time a relapse prevention model designed for sexual offenders (Pithers, Marques, Gibat, & Marlatt, 1983). Pithers and Marques adapted the work pioneered by Marlatt for alcoholics. Relapse prevention is essentially a self-control model that teaches the individual to identify and recognize a unique pattern of thoughts, feelings, and situations that precede and lead to relapses. Relapse in the case of sex offenders is a re-offense. This pattern has a “signature” quality to it. It is tailored to the cognitive, affective, and situation markers that are unique for each individual. Once the pattern is fully understood, the individual learns
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