Treatment For Asexual Sexual Couples

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Treatment for Asexual-Sexual Couples It is important that clinicians do not jump to the conclusion that every individual who has a lifelong history of low or no sexual attraction has a sexual desire disorder such as HSDD. It is also important that clinicians do not view asexual clients as having a disorder and needing to change or be “fixed”. An asexual client should not be subjected to any pharmaceutical or hormonal interventions, nor should they be taught sexual skills training as a way to increase sexual desire. However, this still raises the question of how a clinician differentiates between a client with HSSD and an asexual client, since the differences are not always apparent. If there is uncertainty, perhaps a clinician should…show more content…
However, existing data suggests that asexuals do not always experience distress, nor do they necessarily want to be “fixed” (Brotto et al., 2010). A study by Weeks, Hertlein, and Gamescia (2009) found that 70% of their asexual participants reported having currently or previously been in a relationship. Some of the participants were currently in relationships with another asexual, and in such cases there was not much need for negotiations regarding sexual activity since both partners were seemingly uninterested in sex. However, asexual participants who were in relationships with a sexual partner discussed the need to negotiate what types of sexual activities they were willing to partake in, how often they were willing to engage in these activities, and any boundaries surrounding the relationship in case the asexual partner was not willing to engage in any sexual activity. The asexuals in these relationships did not agree with the idea that they were engaging in nonconsensual sexual activity. Their sexual activity may be unwanted, but it was still consensual (Weeks et al., 2009). This is comparable to heterosexual couples in which the sexual activity may be unwanted but consensual, and sexual ambivalence has been
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