Treatment For Eczema Essay

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How to Treatment Eczema

healing skin
All treatment for eczema involves inflammation to heal and that the skin barrier is restored until the skin is intact and smooth again. In this way it can protect against such irritation, dehydration and allergens.

What treatment you get depends on the type of eczema you have, how old you are, where on the body the eczema is and how much trouble you have.

You always use a moisturizing cream or ointment. Often you also get cream or ointment with cortisone, which reduces the itching and reduces the inflammation. Weak cortisone drugs can be bought without a prescription.

If you have a mild eczema is often sufficient to lubricate the skin with emollient and cortisone, and avoid contact with substances that may have triggered the eczema, in order to be good.

If the
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One should be cautious against such as rubbing the skin, such as strong detergents.

Lower leg Eczema
If you have leg eczema treated primarily cause of eczema. If you have wounds get treatment for them, and swollen legs wound with special bandages or special stockings tested. Sometimes you may need surgery for varicose veins.

The skin tends to be fragile from the beginning when you have leg eczema, and there are frequent sores in the area. Therefore, you should not start treatment with cortisone itself without having had contact with health services.

The profession may affect
Sometimes, allergic contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis are caused or become worse in the profession you have. Then you may need to get professional counseling and possibly the help of a specialist in so-called professional dermatology, to investigate the workplace a daily staying in. Occupational health services can often refer to the so-called occupational medicine clinics at university hospitals in the larger
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