Treatment Intervention Outcomes For Veterans With Ptsd

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Treatment Intervention Outcomes for Veterans with PTSD Rita Clady HHS460: Research Methods in Health & Human Services LaTonya Jones October 4th 2015 Treatment Intervention Outcomes for Veterans with PTSD Description and Summary Post-traumatic stress disorder is considered as a psychiatric disorder that creates impairments in occupational, interpersonal, and social functioning. Although there are several treatment processes for veterans suffering from this condition, some intervention may fail to generate desired results. Veterans who fail to show appropriate recovery should be supported with an alternative treatment plan (Aurora et al., 2010). Veterans develop the condition because of exposure to traumatizing…show more content…
Lack of an effective treatment plan is major problem that is affecting the quality of medical interventions given to the war veterans with PTSD (Kennedy, Jaffee, Leskin, Stokes, Leal & Fitzpatrick, 2007). This paper will answer the following research question, “what is the effect of the application of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to war veterans with PTSD”. The paper will contain explanation of the benefits of MBSR particularly to patients experiencing anxiety and pain. The study will make a comparison between a standard psychotherapy treatment and MBSR (Roberts, Kitchiner, Kenardy & Bisson, 2009). The research will focus on generating another treatment option for war veterans after serving in military operations for many years. It will determine the efficacy of MBSR compared to PCGT as a treatment option (Bisson, Ehlers, Matthews, Pilling, Richards & Turner, 2007). Outline 1. Introduction Mindfulness medication techniques have the potential to lower anxiety, emotional distress, and depressive symptoms. It offers a potential efficacy to enhance management of PTSD in war veterans 2. Methods I. Participants Participants will be collected different PTSD clinics to avoid biases. Patients will be collected in groups each at a time. II. Procedure a. Therapists and raters Members of the team will include five masters and doctorial clinicians. All the sessions will be recorded through audio taping. Effective
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