Treatment Methods Of The Antipsychotic Drug Therapy

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IV. Treatment- There are many beneficial treatment methods for schizophrenia. Of the most common treatment methods is the antipsychotic drug therapy. “A study done in 2013 of 43,049 patients, they compared the effectiveness and tolerance of fifteen antipsychotic drugs. The study found that all fifteen antipsychotic drugs were significantly more effective than placebos.” (Cetin, 2015, p.97) It has also been a well-known fact that those diagnosed with schizophrenia and not taking any antipsychotic medications experience the symptoms of hallucination and delusions which are unable to be treated through therapy alone. This is why it is important that patients with schizophrenia not only use therapeutic treatment but antipsychotic medications as well. Another form of therapy that is important for schizophrenics is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy such as cognitive-behavior therapy can be beneficial because it provides the patient with education about the causes of their hallucinations, helps the patient learn when and how to expect their own symptoms and how to prepare for them, how to interpret those hallucinations, and then how to cope with the hallucinations and delusions with techniques such as breathing and relaxation techniques. This type of therapy helps the patient gain better control of their hallucinations and delusions. “Cognitive behavioral therapy, as a specific treatment in addition to routine pharmacological and supportive care, impacts acute and chronic positive and
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