Treatment Of Cancer : Cancer

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Approach to Care: Cancer
The diagnosis of cancer makes one to be depressed, lonely hopeless and helpless due to the fear of unknown. It is very difficult for one to understand the true nature of this disease as there is no definite cure. Anyone diagnosed with cancer need to be supported emotionally together with the family members. Treatment of cancer requires an extensive treatment, early detection is very useful in the management of a cancer patient.
Cancer consists of group of diseases that share common characteristics. The continuous division and proliferation of cancer cells to other parts of the body and tissues surrounding it is a common trait shared by all types of cancer. Cancer cells is made up of billions and billions cells which could state anywhere in the human body and spread to any other part of the body As new cells emerge, the old ones dies, this process allows the new ones to grow again to replace the old or dead cells. Cancer results due to the abnormality of the cells, these abnormal cells are known as malignant cells, and these abnormal cells grow and multiply in the human body uncontrollably. These cells grow as rapidly as they overgrow and destroy the normal cells and tissues, allowing more room for the malignant cells to grow. The cells continuously break off and migrate to other parts of the body with the use of human body and the lymph system. The cancer usually travel to the vital organs like the brain, brain, lung, and the liver.…
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