Treatment Plan 1 Essay

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Counceptualization and Treatment Plan Liberty University COUNS 510 Abstract The practice that assist a therapist in determining a client diagnosis and the proper treatment plan that would resolve the issue surrounding the clinet’s diagnosis is Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning. The clinet’s treatment plan must be appropriate and relational and this will alow any type of medication and adaptions to be adjusted if needed so that modifications and adaptations can be adjusted as needed (Altman, Briggs, Frankel, Gensler, and Pantone, 2002). The ultimate goal of case conceptualization and treatment planning is to discover complete findings in relation to the client. One approach is Existential Therapy. The human…show more content…
Roland had a very close relationship with his step-father, but his step-father dies when Roland was 16 years old leaving a great emptiness and sense of being alone inside. Although Rolnad’s mother displayed love and affection to Roland, her parenting style left Roland with no sense of consequence to his action. Roland believes that nobody should continue to be upset with him after he apologies. An apology alone, void of any action, is enough for all to be forgiven and forgotten to Roland. His biological father had a relationship with him growing up, but he only saw his father occasionally growing up. Roland resents his father leaving the family when he was just a young boy and starting a family with a new woman. Isolation is when one feels completely alone, disconnected, and secluded and it is a process where an idea or memory is divested of its emotional component (Cooper, 2003). Death is something that has caused Roland’s only male role model and support system to be taking away from him. The death of his step-father is what caused the emotions he had for his biological father to matesized and to be projected upon others in his life. Roland has a lack of self-esteem and feels like he is not worthy of love unless he forces upon others. This lack of self-esteem stems from his father abandoning him and starting another family to replace him. Roland feels that he was not even good enough for his
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