Treatment Plan For A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Binge Eating Disorder

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Intervention Explanation The treatment plan designed for Clarisse Precious Jones was created to address her symptoms associated with her post traumatic stress disorder and Binge eating disorder. This treatment plan includes four goals and four interventions, that are unique to Precious’s specific needs. The long term goal of this treatment plan is to help learn to manage symptoms associated with PTSD in order to function in daily activities. The symptoms that are being treated through this individualized treatment plan related to post traumatic stress disorder are: dissociative reactions, irritable and aggressive behavior, concentration problems, and trauma-related external reminders. The first goal is in place to assist Precious in learning to eliminate intrusive memories, a “notable feature of memory in PTSD is the reliving experiences or “flashbacks” to the trauma” (Berwin, 2003, p. 340), and addressing causes of these memories through the intervention of prolonged exposure. In addition, the second goal that is being implemented, preventing and addressing distortions, is being addressed through prolonged exposure. This technique is “a general treatment strategy for reducing anxiety that involves confronting situations, activities, thoughts, and memories that are feared and avoided even though they are not inherently harmful.” (Foa, 1998, p. 65). The flashbacks and distortions that Precious experiences are being addressed through prolonged exposure, due the fact that it
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