Treatment Plan For A Therapy Plan And How It Improves The Odds Of A Person

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Intro A person who is suffering from substance dependence will need treatment to overcome it. When a client is assessed and found to be suffering from addiction a treatment plan will be put into action. Depending on the severity of the person addiction will determine if they need inpatient care of outpatient care. The odds that a person will succeed without a treatment plan are unlikely. Well discuss the importance of a treatment plan and how it improves the odds of a person overcoming their addiction. The treatment plan process When a person is diagnosed with a substance use disorder, it is a by a trained licensed professional. They have gathered as much information that has led to the person substance abuse. This is done to have a complete picture of what the root causes are of why the person started and is still abusing substances. A treatment plan is a “written document that details the client’s substance abuse problems and what treatments are suggested to help them overcome and maintain sobriety” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 168). This treatment plan is the “framework that a trained professional has laid out for the client to follow to address all the sources that have led to their drug abuse” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 168). There are specific therapies, education and skills a person can gain from this treatment plan that is not only systemic in treating all of the things that contribute to a person drug abuse but attempt to integrate them all into one comprehensive
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