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Introduction Fritscher (2011) postulates that a treatment plan may be formal or it may consist of informal handwritten notes. This is largely dependent on the documentation required by the agency or facility and all the other parties involved. However, regardless of its format, Fritscher (2011) states that the treatment plan should always be subject to change as the case progresses. According to Vrouvas (2013), a treatment plans can work as a mean of providing clients with guidelines that may foster moral support, provide incentive and offer practical solutions for dealing with adversity. This paper will describe a treatment plan and how it will be presented to the client. The paper will also make specific reference to Brittany.…show more content…
However, since Brittany’s treatment plan was developed in consultation with her, the level of resistance should be minimal.
Therefore, through formal and informal discussion, the client will be notified of the finalized treatment plan and specific focus will be placed on the objectives of the plan. It would also be acceptable to present a written copy of the treatment plan to the client. In any case, a copy of the treatment plan should always be available upon the client’s request.
Conclusively, Brittany’s treatment plan will form an agreement between her and the agency and may be modified periodically to accommodate the needs of the client. This could prove to be quite empowering for the client. Therefore, the problem or issues should be clearly identified and the determined objectives should be both measurable and realistic. In addition, all four parts of the treatment plan should be jointly related and should therefore reduce all confusions, misunderstandings and misinterpretations. This is necessary, especial as it relates to the client. Undoubtedly, when the client and the individuals responsible for facilitating the treatment plan work together cooperatively, it increases the likelihood of a successful process.


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