Treatment Plan for Homeless Veterans

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Homeless veterans Homeless veterans seem to be a defenseless population by definition, as they are a subgroup in the population that is likely to have health problems or worse health challenges because of exposure to risks unlike the rest of the population. Many research undertaken to differentiate health problems linked to homeless veterans. They are vulnerable to co-morbidity of abuse of substances, mental, physical health infections and disorders than the common homeless population. Their inability to get or refuse treatment worsens their exposure to complications. Homeless veterans' treatment plan The homeless veteran seem to be an extensive risk of a poor quality life because of stress, depression , nervous social relationships, poor accessibility to health care coupled with transient living situations. Almost half of homeless veterans' population experiences mental illness with a large percentage addicted to alcohol and drugs. Half of homeless veterans were in the Vietnam War, which is a pointer to the ages of the chronic veterans who are homeless to be 55 and 70 (Sweet, 2007). The group faces typical mental, physical ailments and malnutrition associated with insufficient self-care and basic needs fulfillment. The chronic diseases and infections among the homeless veterans are also linked to aging. Treatment plans Community nurses have a task of conducting interviews to citizens and location of homeless veterans, to establish their needs. The nurse need to
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