Treatment Plan for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Essay

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This essay will cover what obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is and how leisure education can be used to help these individuals who have been diagnosed with OCD. This essay will discuss the various characteristics that can be noticed with an individual who has been diagnosed with OCD and also introduce different leisure activities that can be used to help these individuals. The overall goal for this essay is to provide strong evidence showing that leisure education can be useful in helping individuals with OCD. OCD is considered to be an anxiety disorder due to the fact that individuals with it have a high anxiety feeling about a certain aspect in their lives.

OCD is broken down into two components the obsession and the compulsion.
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The social aspect needs improvement because most individuals with OCD is so engulfed with their obsession and their compulsive habits that they tend to be isolated or stand- out when out in public. Like any other disorder/disability/illness, the general public as a whole are not exposed to these various “problems” on a regular bases and they tend to stare or privately talk about these individuals. When this occurs, the individual feels less comfortable and they do not socialize as much due to the fear of feeling judged. The cognitive aspect needs improvement to help these individuals to redirect their thought process so that they can stop or decrease their obsession and compulsion. If they are able to find other ways to distract their thoughts from these habits the individual can began to live their lives in what society consider a “normal” life.

Introducing leisure education as a form of intervention for these individuals can help them to relax and take a less stressful approach to regaining their lives back. Leisure education is a way to get these individuals in a constructive but laid back program(s) to help these individuals to reach their goal(s) of stopping or decreasing their symptoms of OCD and introducing various techniques and/or activities to redirect their thought process so they can do so. With leisure education the therapist can

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