Treatment Plan to Help a Juvenile Overcome His Mental Disorder

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Final Integrative Paper Final Integrative Paper Treatment Plan Name: Charlie Primary Language: English Education: Fourth Grade Level Referred by: Parents of the Client or Patient Description of the Client: The client is an 11-year old fourth grade student by the name Charlie. The client is usually in the association of trouble since joining the first grade thus troubling the school authority by truancy, petty thefts, and fights with other students since the age of seven. The client is the youngest sibling in the family of three brothers and one sister. Currently the client is under the juvenile detention for hitting a member of the family (older brother) in the head while in sleep. Presenting the Problem: The problem at hand is helping Charlie (Client) to overcome the mental disorder thus enable him survive effectively after release from the juvenile detention. This would include minimizing the truancy, petty thefts, and collision with the school authority and family members. The aim of this treatment plan is to enable the family members feel safe in the presence of the client (Charlie) after his release from the juvenile detention. The client cannot cope with diverse arguments hence cannot condone results that go against him. History of the Problem: The problem facing the client traces back in the first grade when Charlie was seven years old. The school authority was always in collision with the client in relation to petty thefts, fights, and truancy. These were

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