Treatment for Ebola Essay

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There is no cure for the Ebola virus, nor is there a vaccine for protection against it. Since vaccines must be specific to certain strains, it’s not likely that a universal for all four vaccines will be produced. There are many factors could lead to an Ebola Epidemic. . Here is a list of conditions that could contribute to such a disastrous event. - the presence of animal or insect vectors near a human population; - exposure of the virus to an individual in a remote setting, and the individual returning to a more highly populated area; - poor hygiene and sanitation in a human population, hence increasing the chances of contact with bodily fluid (e.g. excretion from Ebola patients get into sewage system and human contact is common); -…show more content…
Their blood must of course first be screened for other viruses such as hepatitis B and HIV. Because the Ebola virus is so virulent these attempts at treatment are not often successful. It follows that all efforts must be made to limit contagion, and this indeed is the major priority of MSF teams working with a disease such as Ebola.

The real treatment for the Ebola virus is prevention of the outbreak. More recent outbreaks have taken fewer lives because health officials have been introduced to these recommended and proper control techniques. - Improving sanitation, hygiene, and health care and education amongst the population. - Quarantining of Ebola patients (this is permitted but not required). - Supervising international travel. - Improving communications for epidemiological education and notification, and coordination of health organizations. - Encouraging hospital personnel to use the patient isolation method called the ‘barrier technique’, which includes: 1) doctors and nurses wearing protective clothing like masks and gloves, 2) restricting the patients’ visitors, 3) sterilization of reusable material, 4) disposing and incineration of disposable material right after their first and only use, and 5) all hard surfaces being cleaned with sanitizing solution.

While these prevention tactics are highly
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