Treatment of Transgender Prisoners Essay

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Transgender people in today’s society have it hard enough; going to prison is even harder due to the risks associated to someone who is transgendered. People who are transgendered risk their health and well-being while being locked up in prison. They face a variety of issues while they are incarcerated such as housing, physical, emotional abuse and most of all denial to their basic medical needs that helps express who they are through their gender. Transgender people are discriminated against due to a variety of reasons. We will look at how being transgendered in prison affects their right to health care, how health care laws are changing for people who have transgender identity disorder (GID) and how the Eighth Amendment is…show more content…
(American Psychological Association ) "Recently however, the APA announced that it would be replacing GID with gender dysphoria, which will be defined as a “marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender.” (Beredjick, 2012) Majority of transgender people will face some sort of discrimination in their lifetime whether it is through being rejected by their families, denied housing or finding employment. “Employment discrimination forces many to become involved in the street economy and in survival crime. Widespread bias and ignorance among law enforcement and other officials mean that transgender people are disproportionately subjected to arrest and, in turn, imprisonment.” (al, 2011) When transgender inmates are processed into the prison system they are booked based off of what gender they were signed at birth . "Inmates are housed, for the most part, based on their birth-assigned genitalia, regardless of their current appearance or gender-identity." (Maruri, 2011) "Transsexual people who have not had gentile surgery are generally classified according to their birth sex for purposes of prison housing, regardless of how long they may have lived as a member of the other gender, and regardless of how much other medical treatment they may
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