Treatments and Drugs for Cancer

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It is a non-selective cytotoxic drug which target both malignant and normal cells (Craft, Gordon & Tiziani, 2011). Radiation and surgery are also treatments, used with chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells in the body (Sugerman, 2013). Chemotherapy is done to shrink a tumour before surgically removing it, or may even be done after surgery to destroy any cancer cells that are left behind (Sugerman, 2013). Nonchemotherapy agents are sometimes administered with chemotherapy, such as antibodies, to help reduce tumour growth (Sugerman, 2013).
There are three different types of chemotherapy medications, cell-cycle specific, and cell-cycle nonspecific and hormone-blocking medicines (McKay & Schacher, 2009). Cell-cycle specific drugs interfere with the cell division, which does not allow for the cells to divide, causing them to live out the cells life span and die (McKay & Schacher, 2009). Cell-cycle nonspecific drugs kill cancer cells at any time during its life span (McKay & Schacher, 2009). Hormone-blocking medication make the environment around the cells less hospitable, causing them to slow down and stop the growth of more cancer cells (McKay & Schacher, 2009).
There are at least 218 different forms of cancer, that the medical system is aware of (Triggle & Hecht, 2010).…
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