Treaty Of Versailles Dbq Essay

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How did the Versailles Treaty Help Cause World War II?

World War I was one of the most brutal and bloodiest war ever fought in the early twentieth century. The war left ten million soldiers dead, seven million civilians dead, and another ten million people to be wounded (Background Essay). It was the Triple Alliance, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey, against the Triple Entente, France, Britain, Russia, and Italy (Background Essay). The war ended with the Paris Peace Conference where world leaders meet up to discuss about a creation of a treaty to settle the peace terms. President Woodrow Wilson of the U.S. simply wanted to create a League of Nations to settle future conflicts and to avoid war (Background Essay). However, Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau of France and Prime Minister David Lloyd George of England wanted even more; revenge and humiliation on Germany. They are forcing Germany to pay hundreds of billions of dollars for
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Based on the map in Document A, the Versailles Treaty forced Germany to give back Alsace and Lorraine to France. They were also mandated to lose the Polish Corridor, the northern area of Eastern Prussia, and a small area in Northern Germany near Denmark (map on Doc. A). Not only that, but Western Germany was also demilitarized (map on Doc. A). Adolf Hitler stated that, “...the restoration of the frontiers of 1914 could be achieved only by blood (Doc. A).” That is a powerful and meaningful statement that Hitler has made. This clearly indicates that the frontiers that were lost because of the Versailles Treaty can be taken back only by battling. Meaning that the only way to solve their issues regarding their territories is through brutal combat. Which can possibly mean that the Versailles Treaty’s terms dealing with taking away German land can lead into a war for Germany to get back what they

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