Treaty of Versailles : Positive/Negative Results Detailed description

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-Treaty of Versailles- "As solders on the battlefields celebrated, families reunited, and the unlucky ones mourned, the war was finally over, as of 11 o' clock on the morning of November 11th in 1918 (Vaughan, 1-2)." The solders that survived came home, and the unlucky ones did not; some families united, and other families mourned for their loved ones. Everybody started celebrating the end of the first major war, where so many young lives were lost; so many people were permanently scarred for life or suffered horrible war-injuries (Vaughan, 1-2). The Treaty of Versailles was the treaty formed at the end of World War I, which many historians say caused the next major war, WWII. The reason for this, they say, is because of too many harsh…show more content…
He knew that the premier has been looking for a way to annex Saar Basin from Germany from in which rich resource would be taken from ( The one and probably the only one positive result from WWI, was the beginning of the League of Nations, formed and organized by Woodrow Wilson, of the United States. Woodrow formed this organization which supported a way for nations and leaders throughout the world, to come together and talk instead of fight. It was a way to prevent war, basically. Woodrow Wilson invited all countries to join the league instead of use arms. Unfortunately many did not join and the idea thus became weak, just like the organization ( In fact the person who created it, Woodrow Wilson withdrew from his own organization. This was after some of the other leaders wanted the organization to be restricted and not welcome Germany or other weak countries. These leaders liked Woodrow's idea, except they wanted it to be an exclusive organization, and did not have the same idea as Woodrow did on this. So without the U.S. or Russia, the organization became weak, until of course W.W.II, where it was brought back up again. The League of Nations was and still is today, "one of mankind's attempts to find a means of abolishing war, and maintaining peace for as long as possible (" The
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