Trebuchet Essay

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Have you ever wondered how a Trebuchet works, well if you read this you will know. To test a Trebuchet you have to know if the length of an arm on a Trebuchet affects the distance the projectile travels. This is an important question if you like building, figuring out how things work, or physics. Also, understanding how a Trebuchet works can help people learn how to make more advanced machines or weapons. Yes the length of an arm on a trebuchet affects the distance it travels. A longer arm will launch the farthest. To build a Trebuchet you will need to know about the physics, kinetic and potential energy, and force and momentum. The physics of a Trebuchet is very important. To build or analyze a Trebuchet, you have to know how it works. A Trebuchet has five different main parts. The frame, weight, sling, arm, and runway. The weight is the force that gives the arm momentum. When the weight moves the arm, the arm moves…show more content…
Without the force of the weight coming down, their would not be a lot of momentum. If that happened the Trebuchet would not work. Force is a push or pull on an object. Force will also change an object's momentum. As an example, a football player has momentum and another player applies force to slow it down. On a trebuchet it is the opposite, the weight adds momentum to the arm. This information show that a longer arm on a Trebuchet will go longer because their will be more momentum from the heavier arm. Without enough force the Trebuchet will not have enough momentum.
In this you learned about the Physics of a trebuchet and how it works. Also, the kinetic and potential energy made when launching a Trebuchet. Lastly force and momentum, how it plays an important part. To learn, this question was asked, does the length of the arm on a Trebuchet affect the distance the projectile travels. The length of an arm does affect the distance it travels. This information can help teach others about these
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