`` Tree Shaker : The Life Of Nelson Mandela, By Bill Keller

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One of the most influential figures of the 20th century Nelson Mandela, was anti-apartheid activist and was the first South African president to be elected in a completely representative democratic election. However, Mandela’s journey to that point is really what would define him. Nelson Mandela would devote the majority of his life constantly challenging the systems of his country in order to reach the Africa he had in mind. His legacy has inspired millions and has left a major impact on society. The book “Tree Shaker: The Life of Nelson Mandela,” by Bill Keller, presents valuable insight into the existence of the real Nelson Mandela. In the first chapter of the book Keller emphasizes the continuing adversities the South African people had to endure. When minors in the city of Kimberly started uncovering valuable minerals this made it possible for the Afrikaners (white superiors) to easily entrap, and arraign the South Africans. Afrikaners are a group of South Africans who descended from mainly Dutch settlers and have traditionally dominated South Africa’s politics and agriculture. Also, the mines allowed the Afrikaners to take possession of the imminent profits and oppress the Africans. The Afrikaners collected a lot of resources from these mines, in which they sold to make money. In doing this the South Africans sink deeper into poverty. African people worked in these mines while the dominant whites would strip them of their rights and belongings forcing them into

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