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Earned Value Earned value is an approach that assists with monitoring a project plan, actual work, and work completed value. Earned value demonstrates if a project is on track by showing how much time and what of the budget should have been spent. Is Wil over, on, or below schedule? Wil is on schedule because after 5 days it has been observed that the total number of trees sheared are 6000 and if we calculate the total amount of work done, it can be calculated by the number of trees sheared divided by the total number of trees and if we multiply by hundred we will get the actual percentage, which amounts to 25% (Number of trees sheared = 6000, total number of trees = 24000). Therefore, the total amount that must be paid for…show more content…
If requirements from the customer changes then Wil should also be ready for tackling such situations and it should be feasible because the customers will pay only when their requirements are fulfilled. Therefore client requirements should be valued and in the contract it should also be mentioned that vast changes in the middle of the process should not be entertained which would be helpful for the people who are working. What alternatives are available to Wil to accelerate the completion of the tree-trimming project? One of the alternatives that are is available to Wil is accelerate the completion of the tree trimming project are: 1) Wil can make the process of shearing fast by increasing the amount of daily effort that is being put by the people who are working in the project, or 2) Wil may even make the customers aware that the completion will be fast therefore the partial payment needs to be more than present and this will make the completion fast. A last alterative will be an update with equipment and processes. Maybe by purchasing an up to date electronic machetes that reduce the time spent on each tree while at the same time reducing the number of employees then allowing Wil to save on labor

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