Trees: Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming

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advantages there would be way more trees therefor more and cleaner oxygen and disadvantages paper and all products made from trees would not be the same if they wernt made out of trees

1. Gives us shelter from the hot and humid sun
2. Holds the sand firm to the ground so that it will not be blown by the wind everywhere and the world will not become deserts.
3. Help stop global warming by reducing carbon dioxide by breathing it in and gives out oxygen.
4. Being a food producer which provides food for some herbivores.

1. Conducts electricity when there 's thunder.

A disadvantage of cutting down a tree is that trees supply our air with oxygen. Cutting down trees does reduce the oxygen level in our
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The main trunks of large trees like the mango and the banyan bear many branches, which further divide into smaller branches. Leaves grow on these branches. Branching causes the tree to spread out wide on all sides.

Trees are Nature 's wonders and a great gift to mankind as well as to all those who depend on them. While some dependants stay on the trees, others come to them to rest or to feed. Still others use them to raise their offspring. Humans have used almost any and every tree to their benefit.

It is very sad that the same humans are destroying trees all over the world in the name of "development". This can be to create factories, new townships, wider roads, railways, entertainment centres and so on. They do not realise that they are making a big mistake.

2.0 Usefulness of trees:

2.1 How trees are useful:

Trees are useful to us in many ways.

1. Food: Trees give us food such as fruits. These provide us with excellent nourishment.
2. Wood: The wood from some trees such as teak, walnut, rosewood and oak is used to make furniture. Wood from other trees is used as fuel for cooking and for warming houses.
3. Paper: Paper is made from wood.
4. Medicines: Many trees are the source of useful modern medicines.
5. Shelter: The canopy of leaves and branches gives us shelter.
6. Climate: Trees provide cool shade. Many trees, for example, in a forest, can make the

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