Trench Shoring And Excavation Services Essay

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Trench Shoring Boxes
Trench shoring and excavation services are undertaken thousands of times every day throughout the US. Trench box devices are often used to secure the work area by ensuring ground stability. Because of the risk of accidents in the work area, the trenching equipments must comply with the laws and regulations governing trenching and excavation activities. Trench Shoring Boxes is a leading player in the shoring industry. The company offers a range of safe and durable trench boxes made from steel and aluminum to ensure worker safety. The products include:
• Aluminum trench boxes
• Trench and manhole boxes
• Aluminum hydraulic shoring
• Steel boxes

The boxes feature sidewalls of varying thickness as well as interchangeable steel or aluminum spreaders. The rent to own steel boxes offered by the company feature reinforced knife edge, pounding pads, all steel design and vertical and horizontal steel members for maximum strength. The aluminum trench boxes are great for light repair work and scheduled maintenance service. The wide ranging Kundel lightweight aluminum hydraulic shoring equipment models are available in different stackable range and sizes.

Kundel boxes are all compliant with OSHA regulations and standards for hazardous working conditions. The products include TuffGuy and V-Panel. The TuffGuy box series features durable panels and steel made end members, which are specially designed to ensure maximum protection in the trench. The panels are also

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