Trenches In Ww1 Essay

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Trench warfare was implemented to provide cover for soldiers during battle in WW1 seeing that most battlefields were open field & farms, so soldiers had little or no cover from rifle fire. After suffering thousands of casualties, soldiers began to dig into the ground creating cover. Over the months the trenches grew & evolved to hold barracks & equipment. Within a few months trenches were equipped with all essentials to ensure there was no need to leave them unnecessarily. Trenches were first dug by hand but soon soldiers would be equipped with shovels to increase productivity. Trenches were also mainly built at night to avoid detection by enemy troops. “Trenches were relatively new for soldiers arriving on the front & were worse than expected, “Dear diary, Today has been quite exciting but…show more content…
The soldiers in WW1 would be eating simple foods such as rice, beans, potatoes, stale biscuits, a lot of canned meat and sometimes they grew vegetables that were not being used! The food wasn’t very appealing at all but that was needed to make them survive. Afterwards, soldiers would have to do daily chores such as refilling sandbags, repairing trenches and the duckboards on the floor. Afternoon Routine in the Trenches Sometimes (not very often) when a battle is not taking place, soldiers had time to write or read letters, play games or catch up on sleep they missed. Some men were unlucky and had to be on guard duty. When there is a battle, no one can mess around. Everyone has to be in full concentration. Snipers were sup up in lookout posts and would fire at the enemy and the first sight of movement, you had to keep your head down in the trenches no matter what you were doing for fear of being shot. There is a photo of a sniper in the slideshow above. Sometimes the opponents would play a game with their helmets to see who could hit it with a bullet. This shows that it wasn’t all about the death and killing others in
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