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There is a famous saying by the philosopher Heraclitus that there is nothing permanent in life except change. Every day is a different day from yesterday, and change is inevitable. Everything around us changes with the passage of time. Changes can be categorized under two main types, which are either beneficial or harmful. But I believe that most of the time, change is for the better than for the worse. From the olden days, when the time where our parents were merely just teenagers like us, till today, a lot has changed. Ranging from the technology of our era till the way we behave, these have all evolved and change in the past decades. One of the most perspicacious changes that occur since the olden days are none other than the modern…show more content…
After the guy has made his choice, the matchmaker will then set up a date for the guy and girl to meet and get married. Throughout this matchmaking, the girl has no chance to voice her opinion or to reject the guy at all; it was considered a privilege being asked for one’s hand in marriage at an early age right? Getting married through an arranged marriage was a popular trend in the olden days. In an arranged marriage, the parents of the girl or guy would choose a candidate they think would be suitable and is compatible to their child. Following that, the parents will then discuss with the parents of the chosen candidate to set a date for marriage. Both the children don’t get to voice their opinions because back in the days it was a norm to obey your parents’ orders as a form of respect. Despite that, in our world today, this trend has long been forgotten. Couples get married with whomever they want, without the help of matchmakers or their parents. The only matchmaker that exists in this era is online matchmaking websites and social networking websites. However, in some rural places, this trend from the olden days still exists. Some of the disadvantages of this modern trend is that, sometimes, we think we know a person well enough, but we don’t. Our decisions sometimes maybe rash , irrational and blinded by love. This might result in marriage being broken and families being torn apart. There is an old saying that mother knows best. So I think the win- win
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