Trend Line Of The Airline Industry

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Trend Line
The trend line is a indicator that gives an idea about long-run performance of an industry. Key trend area to look into in terms of the airline industry is cost. The airline industry is very sensitive to cost such as fuel, labor, and borrowing costs. Fuel prices tend to fluctuate on a monthly basis. It is very important to pay close attention to these costs. Trend line such as seating space is important in the airline industry; travellers strive for convenience at all times. These days we see that airline seats are narrower and the legroom is tighter. This trend line is undeniable as evidenced by some carriers planning to launch Airbuses that includes increasing number of seats. Another trend line is an overcrowded airplane; from personal experience major airlines such as U.S Airways, including Delta Airline cabins continue to get fuller. This is a popular trend that needs to be addressed because it affects efficiency; for example it causes delays in boarding and even safety issues such as involuntary bumping. Airline consolidation is a trend line. Some of the merger requests these days have not been approved such as the American Airlines and US Airways merger. The mergers in this industry tend to reduce competition, diminish service, eliminate choices and raise prices. There are much more trends line to consider such as safety, security and service issues; but lastly I will discuss high fees. Several analysts have been predicting that airfares will increase.
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