Trends Analysis in Working Capital Management

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Trends Analysis in Working Capital Management Abstract The following pages focus on presenting efficiency of the working capital management of several companies in sectors like automotive, engineering, foods and beverages, personal care products, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and electronics. The Introduction presents the points of view used in this paper. The Literature Review sections details some of the most important issues on working capital management. The Research Methodology section describes the methods used in this case, which refer to using secondary sources like statistics, annual reports, and several books. The Analysis of Findings section discusses the information of this research. The Conclusions section presents some of the most interesting issues addressed by the paper. Introduction The competitive business environment in which companies develop their activity determines them to focus on strategies intended to improve their performance. This is because their performance on the market can be attributed to creating competitive advantage. This objective can be reached with different strategies, some of them based on reducing costs, others based on differentiation of companies' products and services. However, these strategies are affected by working capital of these companies. It is important to analyze how these companies manage their working capital in order to improve their performance. The most important objective that these companies must

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