Trends And Issues Of The Healthcare Environment Essay

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A. Trends and issues in the healthcare environment The one thing that you can expect in a career in health care is change. The economy, technology, the law and competition are all factors that will affect how an administrator does his or her job. In order to do it successfully, you 'll need to understand what areas will require your attention as you gain expertise in your field. Certain issues will become more important than others. Here are some trends that you should be aware of: Medicare reimbursement Already a hot topic in locations with a large senior population, changes to Medicare will be very important to administrators. Since Medicare is the insurance program for seniors and the disabled, millions of people depend on it for their health care. That means thousands of doctors, hospitals and other facilities treat those patients and get paid by the government for their services (Lee, 2016). Congress has been delaying payment cuts to doctors, but if changes are made to Medicare reimbursement these cuts could become a reality and could exceed 20 percent (Faigel, 2016). The impact on the medical industry could be huge and administrators need to be aware and prepared to handle any fluctuations. Prescription Drug Costs The growing costs of prescription drugs affect the patients who receive them and the doctors who prescribe them. For example, prescription drug costs can vary widely between name-brand and generic medicine. Administrators need to understand not only the
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