Trends And Patterns Of Asian North American

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Trends and Patterns in Asian-North American Representation in Hollywood
Momo S. Tanaka
University of Saskatchewan

Trends and Patterns in Asian-North American Representation in Hollywood
I saw the highly promoted movie adaptation of The Hunger Games in spring of 2012, and I left the theatre wondering one thing: where were all the Asians? This is not an uncommon occurrence: as a second generation Japanese-Canadian, I have grown up surrounded by American and Canadian media that lacks representation of Asians to the point that seeing an Asian on my television is an thrilling. This is the sad reality of the state of representation of Asians on television. I have learned and experienced first hand that the lack of proper representation of Asian people in the media is widespread and widely unexamined, and often denied importance. It is important to examine movies and television critically to firstly, recognize unhealthy representation; secondly, to understand the effects and the implications of improper representation in media; and thirdly, to open discourse and invite critique to hopefully instigate change. Stereotypes characterize a diverse group of people with a set of over-generalizations and mental constructs that disregard “individual uniqueness” (Zhang, 2010, p. 22). The use of stereotypes is often seen in media representation of Asians, such as the inassimilable foreigner stereotype: thick accent, eats foreign foods, poor social skills; the…
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