Trends In Health Care

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This brief article, published by the American Physical Therapy Association, lists the improvements in employment and unemployment rates for all nonfarm employments and then goes on to show how these trends apply to health care fields, specifically that of physical therapy. Relying on the information published by various studies, this pamphlet demonstrates how employment rates have grown and unemployment has shrunk within the months prior to its publication. After showing what the employment rates are currently, it shows how this growth is consistent with past patterns and can be projected to future patterns as well. This paper is concluded by a brief overview of wage variations among different regions of the country. Overall, this document…show more content…
Because “physical therapist students are increasingly engaging in international clinical education,” (Pechak and Black, paragraph 1) it was necessary for physical therapist faculty to write guidelines to direct the programs that these students use. In order to accomplish this, the faculty revised a list of global health training guidelines that were already composed, making them specific to the field of physical therapy. In the end, the faculty kept 31 guidelines, rejected two, and added ten to make this an effective list. They also placed especial emphasis on requiring physical therapy students to enroll in formal programs rather than unstructured ones. Although this article is reporting on the results of one convention, it is still relevant to the field of physical therapy because it discusses the type of education that is necessary to become a physical therapist. While not all physical therapy students will enroll in an international clinical education programs, this article contains important information to other areas of physical therapist education as well. The amount of emphasis placed on the formality of the program tells an incoming physical therapy student that the program they choose matters, whether or not it is in the United States. It can be seen that this point is credible and not merely the opinion of the…show more content…
Joseph Threlked and Karen A. Paschal explore the change in entry-level physical therapist education over the last 135 years. The level of education expected of a new physical therapist is increasing, and soon a doctorate degree will be the expected norm for physical therapists. While the doctorate is a new requirement for those practicing physical therapy, the movement for higher education as early as 1992, when Creighton University opened the first Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Another expected addition to physical therapist education in the near future will be more required time spent in hands-on clinical practice. This will help ensure the competence and quality of physical therapists throughout America. As a result of the qualifications of the authors and extensive factual support, this article is full of credible and relevant information. Both authors are highly qualified to be writing about this field, as Threlked has a PhD in Physical Therapy, and Paschal is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Because they have had so much experience in this field, it is extremely likely that the authors are presenting credible information. In addition to their training, the authors used several pages of references at the end of the paper to prove its accuracy. These references show that the authors are not only relying on their own experience, but have more proof to support their
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