Trends In Health Care Research Paper

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Shortage of healthcare workers in the US is a well-known phenomenon. With the baby-boomer generation coming to its retirement the acute shortage of talented workforce is a major challenge for the US health care. There are some trends in health care that are currently affecting the workforce dynamics. The use of technology in health care has increased over time, and increased health care organizations are adopting new technologies to make their services better. It is a significant trend that has also affected the health care workforce. Increased use of Information Technology in the health care organizations has led to related changes in the composition of the workforce too. But not just this, there are also some other trends that are…show more content…
The employee turnover in health care industry is very high. In fact, in some of the US states, it is double the national average of 15.6%. The statistics related to employee turnover rate are highly alarming and are growing even worse day by day. While on the one hands it would appear that the chief reason behind this phenomenon is the relatively short supply of talented individuals or workers(Jones, 2000). But over time research has identified another important factor behind this phenomenon which is the mismanagement of human resources in health care sector. Limited talent supply coupled with weak human resource management has led to compounding the problem. Due to poor health care workforce management, the turnover rate in this sector has remained high. An aging talent pool which is not replacing at the rate it is depleting has compounded the problems being faced by the health care industry. The importance of human resources to the delivery of healthcare has kept growing over time, and HR has become intrinsically important to the delivery of efficient and effective health care. At this point, the organizations which have managed their human capital successfully and have been able to serve their patients actually(Kabene et al., 2006). In a scenario where the health care sector faces with major human resource related issues, the HR has a
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