Trends Of College Admissions : Katherine O ' Malley. Arizona State University

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Trends in College Admissions
Katherine O’Malley
Arizona State University

One of the key components in higher education enrollment management in a public, four-year university is the admissions process. With encouragement from many sources such as friends, family, and college marketing materials, high school juniors and seniors apply and enroll in college by the thousands each year (McDonough, 1994). College choice is greater now than twenty years ago, but finding the right fit for each potential student is harder due to increased college entrance standards and intense competition between institutions. Applicants now are more likely to apply to many more institutions than previous generations, yet still only attend
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With the increase in completion between institutions to enroll students, marketing and recruiting expenses have increased, and social media skills for recruiters are now a necessary skill. With more students applying, there is more competition for financial aid dollars and a bigger demand for student services. The decline in public funding means higher tuition and less opportunity for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. College presidents and other stakeholders are watching the trends in admissions and are searching for solutions to solve issues that block college access. A current trend in admission enrollment management with no end in sight is the increasing number of admission applications. The job of most admissions personnel is to recruit students and increase the number of applications because the more applications submitted, the more that will be rejected, thereby increasing an institutions selectivity rating (Toor, 2000). The number of high school graduates will continue a very slow increase over the next decade and these students will apply to more higher education institutions, looking for the best fit, the largest financial aid package, or simply for one college to accept them as a student. Research indicates over seventy percent of institutions report an increase in the number of applications with most traditional applicants submitting more than seven (O 'Shaughnessy, 2011; Jaschik, 2012). The most elite schools will see an even greater increase
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