Trends in Nursing Practice

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Trends in the nursing practice Job opportunities for RNs (registered nurses) are expected to continue growing faster with their salaries also growing. However, the opportunities vary by the employment setting and their available geographical setting. In fact, estimates of nursing industry experts project that close to 600,000 new jobs will be generated. The reason for this growth is as a result of the technological advances in the care of patients. This has permitted more health problems to be treated and has increased the emphasis that is being placed on preventive care. Additionally, the number of old people is increasing that the number of younger people. In hospital-health care which is the largest industry, however, employment is expected to grow more slowly. With the intensity of nursing care also increasing, there are more nurses that are required per patient and the number of inpatients is also increasing. Discharge of patients is happening earlier and there are more procedures that are being conducted at the outpatient departments. Therefore in hospitals, the growth is expected in the outpatient departments such as rehabilitation, chemotherapy, and same-day surgery. Moreover, there are many procedures that are being conducted in physicians' offices and other places such as freestanding ambulatory centers and emergency centers. Therefore, growth in employment is expected in these places. Employment in home care facilities such as nursing homes is expected to
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