Treton Discrimination Case

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Investigation Report of Employment Discrimination at Treton Communications
David Erving
Oregon Institute of Technology


Equal employment opportunity has been has been a major concern in American history. Although the nation was founded on the principles of individual merit, hard work and equality; discrimination still persists. Therefore, laws have been enacted to protect those who have been the victims of employment discrimination. A benchmark in employment laws is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Included in Title VII are Equal Opportunity laws prohibiting racial harassment and religious discrimination in the workplace. An employee has filed a formal complaint alleging such
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It was the reactions of his fellow employees to Maalick’s religious practices that formed the basis of the complaints of religious discrimination and racial harassment against the company. The investigation found many instances of discrimination and harassment on the part of management as well as other employees with regard to EEO laws and Maalick’s rights as an employee. These instances are listed below:
When Maalick requested a week’s vacation to attend a very important religious preparation and confirmation process. Clive Jenkins, his supervisor, questioned the authencity of his religion
Maalick confided to Jenkins of his religion but heard comments from other employees that showed obvious signs that Jenkins shared Maalick’s private information
Upon changing his name, which was a religious custom, Maalick was ostracized by other employees and his office was defaced with racist literature
After he complained to his supervisor, he was ignored
After the Human Resources manager was informed of the discrimination and harassment, she alerted the department heads and other employees instead of following the company’s Internal Compliance policy of notifying only the field compliance officer. If she had informed only the compliance officer, she would have passed the responsibility to the proper person. Instead Maalick faced retaliation from other employees due to her negligence
Due to these circumstances, the company’s
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