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Top Rated Tri Cities Area, WA Nightlife: Best Restaurants and Bars

Meta Description: The Tri Cities area of Central Washington has great wine, good restaurants, and solid bars.

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The Tri Cities of Central Washington May Surprise you with Its Nightlife

The Tri Cities area of Central Washington, with Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland all situated along a single stretch of the Columbia River, has some of the world’s best wineries. To go with all that wine, the region boasts some great restaurants and some nice bars as well.


Though the restaurant industry in the Tri Cities area is still dominated by chains in some locations, the draw of the area’s wineries has led to some great dining options opening up over the last couple of decades. Read on for an abbreviated list of some of the best restaurants Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland have to offer.

Fiction at J. Bookwalter Winery in Richland The restaurant offerings at some of the area’s world-class wineries make for some of the best dining in Tri Cities. Of all the winery restaurants in the area Fiction at J. Bookwalter Winery is one of the best. Their commitment to the local community, to their wine and the wine made by their neighbors, as wells as their food
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With forty taps going, you can rest assured that they will have multiple beers that even the snobbiest bearded beer connoisseur will find them selves drooling over. They sell growlers to go, have a specialized bar-be-cue and burger menu to keep their regulars and guests fed. They even offer a selection of local wines and regional ciders to keep those that don’t drink lager and ale happy. What’s more, they’re also family friendly and offer a kids menu and an excellent root
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