Triage Protocols In Pros And Cons

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There were 163 partipants who attended RTTDC from November 2011 –February 2013. Attendees included nurses, physicians, pre-hospital personnel, respiratory therapists and radiology. After completion participants completed a 16 question survey which was analyzed for participants perceptions of the course. Furthermore 541 cases were reviewed from the hospital’s trauma registry reviewing length of stay (LOS), 6 months and 12 months before and after the implementation of RTTDC (Hlaing Zhu et al., 2011). Analysis of the data showed participants strongly agreed they gained knowledge from the course (18.8%), and agreed intensely that the activity was important (73.3%) Also 6 months after RTTDC, ED LOS was reduced by 18.5 minutes, moreover at 12…show more content…
Trauma patients transferred from hospitals in Tennessee from 2012 to 2014 were the focus of a retrospective review and analysis of how the RTTDC course affect time to transfer of trauma patients. The review conducted on 253 patients that were transferred from non trauma hospitals to Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), were segregated into two groups. The first group contained six non trauma hospitals, which were similar in size, patient volume and geographical distance from VUMC (Dennis et al., 2015). The second group consisted of the same model makeup however these hospitals had underwent the RTTDC training. Results showed that in the RTTDC group a 61 minute (p = 002) overall reduction in referring hospital length of say was noted in comparison with the control group which showed a slight increase in ED LOS during the same time period (pre: 153 minutes vs. post: 184.5 minutes, p = 0.31) (Dennis et al., 2015). This study validates that the RTTDC course has a direct association with decreasing the ED LOS of trauma patients who require transfer to tertiary centers for definitive care. Although RTTDC shows direct effects on the ED LOS, further research and analysis should be considered on decreasing unnecessary radiological imaging prior to transfer, which can further delay the transfer of trauma patients. Theoretical Framework The Roy Adaption Model of

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