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PathWay Business PlanKeval Shah | | * Executive Summary Business Overview PathWay is an innovative new start-up that has been formed with the intention of pioneering a new direction of pathology reporting which is faster and more accessible to healthcare professionals. The company has a great potential for growth and opportunity in the current evolving healthcare setting where digitalisation has become a key priority in the quest to improving healthcare outcomes for patients. Market Overview The importance of technology and information technology (IT) systems in meeting the challenges placed on the health care system is becoming increasingly apparent. The NHS is currently driving a technological revolution with the vision…show more content…
He is currently studying the MSc. Technology Entrepreneurship course at UCL, has had large amounts of experiences in hospitals as a patient and as a visitor and has a keen interest and knowledge regarding the current processes entailed in the NHS. Keval is looking for a technical co-founder as well as a medical co-founder. The technical co-founder will have expertise in both the back-end and front-end of the solution. The technical co-founder should have a vast knowledge of Application Programming Interfaces and database engineering. He will be able to apply insights we gather to makes sure the user experience of the solution is the heart of the problem The medical co-founder will ensure that solution is targeted and addressed appropriately within the healthcare setting and at the same time will provide relevant connections to the NHS Trust board members of the respective hospitals we intend to target. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Business Overview 2 Market Overview 2 Product Overview 2 Competitor Analysis 2 Business Model 3 Team 3 2. Business Description 6 1.1 What is the PathWay concept? 6 1.2 What makes PathWay unique? 6 1.3 PathWay’s approach to Market 6 2 Problem Solution Fit 7 2.1 The Problem 7 2.2 The Solution 7 3 Market 9 3.1 Market analysis 9 3.2 Customer Research 9 3.3 Competitors 10 3.4 Competitive Advantage 12 3.5 Marketing and Advertisement 13 4 Strategy 14 4.1 Business Goals 14
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